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"If you buy your girlfriend flowers, they will wilt. If you but your girlfriend a phone, it will break. Buy your girlfriend a wrench. Nothing will happen to a wrench."

this is painfully russian



"If you buy your girlfriend flowers, they will wilt. If you but your girlfriend a phone, it will break. Buy your girlfriend a wrench. Nothing will happen to a wrench."

this is painfully russian





Gone In 41 Seconds — Police Quick to Kill Korean Artist

Feb 24, 2008

LA HABRA, Calif. — On the afternoon of December 31, 2007, two police officers encountered Michael Cho in the parking lot of a liquor store in La Habra, a small, generally quiet city in Orange County, California. It didn’t take long for the meeting to go bad. After less than a minute the officers unleashed a barrage of bullets on the 25-year-old artist, ending his life - and setting off an ongoing cascade of protests across Southern California’s Korean American community.

Computerized police logs obtained by New America Media suggest the officers quickly turned to deadly force when they confronted Cho, whom they suspected of vandalism. According to the Computer Automated Transcript documenting the incident, at 2:04 p.m. the cops contacted their dispatcher to say they’d located Cho. “Out with the subject near the liquor store,” the transcript reads. Just 41 seconds later they radioed dispatch again, this time saying they’d shot the suspect and now needed paramedics to attend to him. “Shot fired, Suspect down, Medics requested,” reads the transcript. In the aftermath of the killing, Cho’s family has publicly condemned the department, saying the officers rushed to shoot Cho, rather than using less lethal tools like pepper spray or Taser stun guns to subdue him.

“The police killed my son like a dog,” Cho’s mother, Honglan Cho, recently told the La Habra City Council. According to Shelly Lynn Kaufman, an attorney for the Cho family, the fusillade of bullets left ten holes in his body.

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please spread this.

since when does a man deserve to die due to suspected vandalism?

tell me again how none of this has anything to do with race. show me where the “equality” is now. 

This shit makes me so mad.

What makes me even more mad, though, is knowing that this happens ALL THE TIME and likely the only reason we’re hearing more about it now is because of some of the high profile police shootings that have made the news recently. This shouldn’t happen. AT ALL. Deadly force is not appropriate in pretty much all cases.

When people go, “Oh, but he was probably guilty” it makes me even more mad.

WE HAVE A TRIAL SYSTEM FOR A REASON. Every person accused of a crime in our country deserves a fair trial. Shooting them dead robs them of not only their life, but it robs them of this right and therefore dehumanizes them.

Everyone deserves a trial. I don’t care if the world saw you murder someone, you get your trial and the evidence will speak for itself. There should never be Eye for an Eye.

Oh my god. Why does someone have to die for being SUSPECTED of vandalism? This is crazy. Is due process no longer an option?




"Don’t take ~chemicals~ like prozac, I heard you can get the same effect by eating 19 oranges a day, that’s only 570 oranges a month!!!"

"Yeah I know you have horrible panic attacks but like, have you tried yoga?"

"Yeah I understand depression completely stops you from doing everyday tasks AND that you then feel guilty about that… But you have to just power through it and get on with things as normal!"

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↳ “c’mon, babe, why don’t we paint the town… and all that jazz." - chicago (2002)


Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

It is said that blood is thicker than water. It is what joins us, binds us… curses us. My name is Barnabas Collins, and my curse has finally been broken.

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"Life has no purpose, it is everywhere undone by arbitrariness. I do this and it matters not a jot if I do the opposite. But in the playhouse, every action good or bad, has its consequence. Drop a handkerchief and it will return to smother you."

i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
and you know what else? [2000 word rant]